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Related article: Date : Wed, November 3, 2004 21 37th 15 EST From: Sidg0714 cs. com Subject : Fairy Godfather Brice u0026 Johnny This is a work of fiction that teenage sex is. If this n ot left to your taste, please. Otherwise, enjoy. Comments on sidg0714 cs. com Thorgil children Inspired by Arne and Kyle Posted by Sid G c2004 Introducing : My name is Thorgil and I'm the godfather fairies. Each story has an art that includes much of the population. I s an interesting task. As you know sexual orientation is something you are born, but You have to realize. My job is to realize the dreams of gay teens are that does not recognize or accept the fact and a memorable wet dream awake. The boss has given me permission to write some of my cases. Brice and the story of Johnny I know it's forever since I've written a new chapter, but There were reasons. The first is that I'm very busy with my ​​regular work and trainingNew fairy godparents. Second, Kyle fainted my ​​life, and that inspired my writing, which imbued with his spirit, is not easy to feel like writing. Why now ? Two special children I met in Scottsdale, Arizona. Brice and Johnny met a few years before he met the two fourteen years of age. They live in a home for "leave" the children. Brice was first, when I was ten, and Harry joined him two years later. The chief showed me his pictures, and I wondered how any father could take a Two good guys. parents Brice was only the losers who could not attend the their own needs, let alone their four children. Brice is a smart girl with a remarkable maturity realized how desperate their situation may be, and the end of the fourth degree instead went directly to the right went to the house and tried to think of Miss Elizabeth, the director's house, but was surprised to hear Brice n accorded to his parents before he gets back home. brParents were stunned on the ice, but could not argue with his argument. They returned to their homeland, where they saw Brice and play laughs with some of the other children. Brice never forgot his mother words s " I do not know if I've ever been so relaxed, as young as I do not want losing my son, but perhaps this is the best for him.. " spite of being honest and fair, they did not leave a contact among themselves and with the money saved s not to take on Brice othing better than to take the position of being with other children, what social services do not take away. Johnny on the other hand, was born in the streets of Los Angeles and the n lived and worked there until he was eleven years old. There was never a father in the life of your s, but many men. Some of the services later bought his mother its the. bought shortly after the death of his mother one of his regular the client is offered hosting and later moved to Scottsdale, where The husband of a transfer. Without the right documents Johnny could not go School spent his days working various shopping centers. One night back bought a house employee of eight years old, and the man began to think that there as a father rewarded him by n young and kicking Johnny out. Harry was so angry that after careful to hide the money, clothes n and the things that he went to the police and spilled the beans on the man. The man went to jail after he called the fucking child, the child was sent home to his parents, Johnny, to his surprise, he received six months to the training ground for prostitution. If his sentence before being driven home. On his way he thought would be the first opportunity, he shared. He had heard about hell holes These sites were, and thought that if I went, which can be very fucked You can also select the underwear, and pay. To his great surprise, it was a nice, safe place where staff and make the other guys are not judgments about their lives to before. There were even a couple of ex - prostitutes, and ended in groupTherapy together. better, even made ​​his first real friends, especially Brice. Over the next six months, until my arrival, the two children became best friends. Johnny Brice helped teachers in the first spring and end of the summer and when Johnny had his first day at school I was nervous n but better than anyone expected, and his beaming smile was enough Thank you all. each had its quiet private time, however. Y n is conflict that came I came home on a Wednesday afternoon, when the boys returned from school. Middle and elementary schools were on foot away from the house and grounds, so that older children can go to youth to school in the morning and home in the evening. None of them mind to impose still thought they were also accompanied by adults, as needed. Especially as the next occupant, was not beaten near the first or the last. When I got my first look at my topics I was surprised, not by its beauty, but inner strength and outer n the basis of both. If feeling that would accompany the child, and no one dares to disturb. I watched as they ate their sandwiches and sat n and worked together in the task. After dinner, free time and the couple had hung in his room, to the pants with a wide variety of games on his Xbox stolen until lights out. Brice went head first and went right to the files. All that is was to find a quick scan, Brice understand that he was gay and was a problem with that, like any young teenager is in the beginning. It was also clear that as Johnny, as more than a best friend close. There were considerable doubt in his mind whether he liked the kid was gay. knew some of the other ex - prostitutes, some of which had been strictly gay payment since Johnny had his wishes and kept strictly under lock Brice asked the same question. Isaw into his first sleep cycle and sat back to see. I do not know if my putting had nothing to do with it or not, but the dream Jonny started with a bed naked with Brice ^ a " Hello friend," said Johnny sleep. "Hi honey," Brice 's dream, he said, putting his blanket tossed aside reveals an equally naked body with a cock that Johnny six matched inches. his new position his mouth in a perfect position and when the mouth Brice Harry put the exhaust valve open without problems up to the hilt Brice hit his chin. I expected, Brice remain passive and Johnny shit to deal with it in the , but it was not the case. Brice 's cock was hard work Johnny, oscillates up and down like a man looking for his first drink in a while. left hand to his s work queue at a rate convenient. I was tempted to stop him, but that's not fair, is actually within the rules. Brice Johnny took his head in his hands and took over. miscellaneouse no object. He liked the power, enjoyed its own tail. "I'm running out of love, take my seed," said Johnny sleep. Brice are so real, all about the flat chest and hard. decreased by Brice and slid across the room at Johnny 's bed, and looked. Her blonde hair framing an angelic face that belied soft the hard life he had led. For a moment I would like to eliminate all evil memories, but then there would be love of the young Brice. With a sigh I entered. With him I spent more time with. One file, one of the two the oldest files Shy Lolita was of particular interest to me. The two oldest files everyone in the system are separated mother father and DNA, and complete. DNA of the newborn is the third and always interesting to see in comparison the results of the different possible combinations, but I'll let you explain professor of biology. I have a copy of the males and kept for comparison with master files. No, I did not intendion for the father and son together to punish the man was still a reasonable proposal. The goal to This page is research to be sure that the man is a good parent if to get to donate to charity to places like your child to do home when you can afford to be. flew over the years and found no insult Johns. that s should see your back. Another thing I noticed was the amount of suppressed anger Johnny was about what would happen if Brice did or said something to worry n it. I could do something about it, but it means a trip to the the seat first. E n a f- mail sent ( fairy ) and Johnny realized he was about to enter REM and then sat back to see. were both naked in the middle of a field. Brice slept , but Johnny was walking in circles around his flaccid penis n in spite of his love for beauty. " I know I'm gay," Harry whispered dream. "And I know you are I white, you're my best friend and I know I love you like I loved no one in my other life. I think you want, including my friend, even if do not say anything. But can you accept my past, my life, I grew up n in your life? I do not know, and feel part of me that you deserve so better than me, but I love you. " Brice on the floor to open the eyes and hits the grass. " In my case they are lovers and do not worry. Lie down, close your eyes and You feel good when you wake up, "said Brice, and Johnny has a dream that ends the dream of s. I stepped back stunned. If I did not know he had thought was a rehearsed speech for me, but I knew what really went out of his heart s. n left his room and in the executive office to wait room. I sat down to think, and I'm not sure how long it took for my name are called. " Thorgil So, what 's wrong with you? Beaten with one of the boys ? " I laughed," Always boss, but different. " I have said about Johnnand both the repressed anger and unusual sleep. After the conversation we both feel that the reduction process will go ahead and Johnny used to doubt in the dream. I made a brief stop at my office to leave the files that I had taken, and a quick look processing n in my f- mails. As always, I wanted to see the was not there. back when the house began to awaken. Johnny and Brice wrapped towel around his waist and left the bathroom and shower. The majority of children were also a few who do not bother to dress n The Family Jewels hide for those who were wearing underwear or pajamas floors. I went to school and to my surprise, its history teacher was an old case of mine. To my dismay, who became a bitter man closet child attended the home and away. That ended the class with a quiz. I took the opportunity to give their opinion and do Kicking ass and cleaning house. as usual I liked the gym class. It is true that some guys do not always to be naked, but most of the boys Shy Lolita pieces, including some obvious guys gay. Obviously, at least for me. Of course it was the class athlete, intelligent, and his admirers, who blindly followed their contempt for Johnny, Brice and the other two children at home in the classroom. basketball gym and after two minutes of the lesson, the teacher said, them to make teams and play before in his office. Of course Chip and Johnny came to opposing teams. It took about 15 seconds to see if some pent-up anger was Johnny. Chip and his Johnny and his friends try their teammates as mannequins address. saw Johnny struggling to control his temper and decided to help out and went inside. It was not long, n order to assess their physical agility and then give you a plan. chips dipped and ran crying to the courts and asked Johnny Ball n and running. When Chip was Johnny come directly to himthat sour and left. Chip Johnny pushed back and he smiled as Johnny. A smile that became sheer agony after Johnny moved his legs s and introduced him to chip balls. chip friends began after Harry hesitated, but when he found the rest of the class moves behind Johnny. "It was just a child of an accident. Get smart with the school nurse and the n to start the game again," said the gym teacher. " But Coach, you idiot," one boy said. "And you stick it. Chip ' accidentally' pushed n down and that just happened. Do you understand? " " Yes sir," said the boy defiantly. " talk to you, Johnny," said the coach and waved over it. " Yes sir," Harry said trying to hide their fear. " Relax child, the time to do something, and you are wise I am. I was afraid they would beat the Shy Lolita chips, and I could not protect. If tried something that did, and I can tell, they were a response ACCIDENT and defended themselves or their friends. "" Thanks coach, I guess, dass "" does not come to appreciate the route. With those legs that have n to a decent runner. " Harry laughed, " done a runner in Los Angeles, I mean Miss Elizabeth and see if I can. " " Cool, I'll give a call and tell him he can help them, social skills or something stupid. " The two laughed, and Harry followed the instructions and went to shower and change before class ended. was spinning, as were all the guys dressed in home safely. Johnny spinning, and to his surprise and delight of a bunch of his colleagues came and told him he was on his back, good job, or something. The year - Shy Lolita an obvious. Miss Elizabeth named Johnny in his office came in the second House Johnny almost shit in his pants. This was rarely good. " I have two phone calls from schoolToday it is about. two open calls surprised me, " he said. Harry swallowed and mingled with the smile on his face. " The first call was from a history teacher Mr. Harrison. " Johnny settled in the chair. " He called to tell me how well we do in class, including the in a pop quiz today. " " Mr. Harrison said that ? He never said anything good for me. "" Frankly, I never say anything good about all my children, , but I have the feeling that something happened today to change their attitude. " " Sweet, but the other call was the coach Edwards? "Said Johnny. " Yes, he said he would tell me something and then have something ask me, " said Miss Elizabeth, leaned back in his chair back. Johnny knew he could not trick, so he spent the next half hour tells everything n between him and the kids at home and other chips and his band. " what did Edwards say coach ? "" With time and see his back. He's going to help, protect me, if I need to wants me to go to the track. He thinks he has good runners legs. I said I had some run in Los Angeles, doing what is truth. " " not only on the track team, " said Dr. Elizabeth said:" Whatever you go to add is that you can go if someone else does, or at least willing to hang \\ \\ n should go home. And start acting when the chip and their friends to see if You can be sure before you swing back. Family of chips is good connected in this city from us. Now go do your homework, so I can get used to by their teachers told me how well they are doing. "No Johnny a hug and did as instructed. After dinner, Johnny Brice asked him if he wanted to run. " If I 'm going for the team and Miss Elizabeth is Should I go alone, then I have to practice more. " " that follow, only slowly to save energy for later, "said Brice. " Do you have something in mind? "Johnny said he tied his black high -top sneakers and white socks slipped her ankles. " One never knows, do one," Brice said with a smile. piqued the curiosity I went with them. As I ran in silence looked around for signs of danger, and saw none. reached the lake in the park and accelerated the rate of two rounds. I was glad to go higher and keep an eye on them. After the second round that started in the lawn and I realized that was very similar to Johnny 's dream. They took off their shirts and the sweat glistened in the afternoon, so " looks good," said Brice. Johnny was a bit surprised, but obviously very happy. " Thanks, you look hot today," he blushed, "Sorry. " " Why? " " Oh, you know I'm gay, but was not sure," said about you. Johnny Brice laughed : " Well I am and I was not sure about you. After all n Jarred and Mo say that they were paid and not just gay really gay, so that \\ \\ n Do you think maybe. "" Don't know about them, have no roads to get to the afternoon, but perhaps I did gay or might have been anyway. no careful now. "" " Yes, Brice said. " Before we go any further I can ask you something? "Johnny said. " Sure, " said Brice, and Johnny took his hand. " My past, I've done, "he said taking a deep breath, " I, a whore that bothers you that? "" Are you now fornication? "" No, never want it again. "" That's all I care. You have what you had at the time. Now I have a question for you. " Johnny wiped her tears and nodded. " Would you be my friend? " " You mean, right? "" Yes, I love you. " All Harry could only nod and a hug Brice. Their lips met and kissed. For a long time they were alone in the park I wonder how it happened. Hey, me why life easier I can not help. I know many of you are disappointed by a dream, but I have n a little better. The true love. fell out of the park and stayed in the kitchen biscuits and a glass Shy Lolita of soda before going to his room. "I think the showers are in order before moving forward," said Johnny. "right, just hope we can let the fingers of each one of them until we n, " said Brice. "How do you think Miss Elizabeth is that? " Laughed Brice, "Over time, store it in your room and sure s. " " Definitely not safe of disease-free survival so long to get is a "bad for us," said Johnny. were silent, each lost in thought, until it again has to in your room. " You want to be monogamous? " Brice said. " What is it? " Brice shook his head," not having sex with anyone else. If what you want is fine by me. "" really do not know how to say, even thought about it for the last 15 minutes. "" I, "said Brice. N " I do not want anyone else at this time,"Johnny said, and took Brice his arms :" But knowing that it may happen sometime in the future. If this is the case we have n and to use condoms for oral, if we can. "" I could not get AIDS through oral route, "said Brice. Johnny gave him a soft kiss, " Others may, but is still a Shy Lolita virgin n and I have been I'm here regularly, we know that insurance is fair test to us. "" Sounds good, but talk enough. Not to be a virgin n longer. " He smiled Johnny and their lips met. This time there was a nice soft kiss n. Johnny licked his lips and mouth Brice Brice and their tongues met and danced a long passionate dance such as the towel around his waist. s the first time he touched the hands the skin, which had wanted to play. Brice followed suit experienced lover. Johnny, however, into uncharted waters. had more sex as a man had three or four times her age should had all but it was the sex or going with the movements of sex. n to the guy who brought him to Scottsdale, the emotions he felt now with Brice was absent. Brice felt the tears on his shoulder and broke the kiss. Vio Johnny tear- streaked face and understood. " This is the first real -time. Do not you? " Johnny nodded and wrapped his arms Brice and even called more difficult. Brice felt his tears fall and at that time made ​​the difference between sex and love. Harry was carried to bed and left him lying on the bed. Looking instinct take over and let his hands wander Johnny slender, body felt firm and relax your first friend. He leaned forward and after a kiss quickly licked down Harry's body. Harry came Brice body and stroked how much could be achieved. The two boys were very hard and when queues reached Johnny Brice took a deep breath and did what he had to do. licked from the basethe top six inches Young Hahn, opened his mouth for the first time in his young life put his lips in another cockerel. An electrical charge flows through two children by a second Johnny thought he wanted to run at that time. He took a deep breath and brought over again from the edge. Arrive, Brice said long brown hair, wondering what it must have been so fortunate. EN tempted to say he deserved it, but what really has n , no matter what. The most important thing was that they were together. It took a while but eventually swallowed Johnny Brice leaks all bar. Began to rise and fall. Lust led him to where it is needed. instinctively environment, such as the cock in her mouth grew in length and width. Johnny moaned with pleasure as he felt his cock worked as if ever. I had some great blowjobs in the past, but this was something special. The feeling of love a pair of lips sliding up and down his cock awakens feelings in him thatnot recognize or understand. and decided not to worry if he Shy Lolita did. He was about as long as they enjoy n as he could. also realized it would not be much longer. " Oh baby, is always very close, if not to swallow immediately pull I just finished with the hand," Harry complained. Brice has in mind for a moment, but quickly decided, to stay. "This is the way to show my love," he thought. " Oh, shit, I'm running, " said Johnny, and the first explosion knocked down the neck Brice. Brice pulled the cord that came and landed on his tongue, and loved the taste. It was a bit salty, but the texture and the taste was large. He worked at Johnny 's cock until it was dry and soft. Brice finally took off, and let pass the mouth of Johnny Johnny n and they kissed and Johnny Brice seeds distributed in the mouth. " Make love to me," said Johnny, when the kiss finally ended. " Do you mean that? Are you sure? " Brice said with a mixture of hopeand Shy Lolita fear. " Yes, I love, I love you I need. " "I need your help, I do not know what to do. " Harry laughed, " Doubt, that after this performance. " Smile n Brice. "in my drawer a small jar of Vaseline. " Brice was back with the cup in seconds. " What now ? " " With the opening and the lining with a finger to start. " " the finger ? " "reasonable called the finger fuck. I lift up my legs and was extended to have a good target. not to hurt me do not worry, I'm in enough to not break at any time, probably. " nodded Brice and follow the instructions. put his finger into the anus and use Johnny Johnny talented hard and tense muscles. " Hey," said Brice, when Johnny laughs. " OK, just go slow and what the shelter, which can be achieved. So if you want to , you can set the second finger in me, and to expand a little. " Nodded n Johnny Brice and publishedits scope. Five minutes later, Johnny said : "... I'm willing to give and the layer the queue I go to my start but go for it s easier for you to " Johnny Brice returned again and straddled his hips and grabbed her lover 's cock s. Slowly, instinctively put it in your entry and resolved, until he felt Bush in the ass with no problems. " You're all the way love feels so good.. " "amazingly better than I thought," said Brice. " This is what s wonderful, " " Yes," said Johnny began, is to fuck hard rod Brice. knew it would not last long. do not have someone for the first time. walked slowly, trying to make it last. Brice reached out their hands and let s wander about his true love is the stomach tense. Brice was moaning and writhing under him, until he leaned his hips thrust yn shot his load deep in Johnny. Johnny Brice forward and kissed her deeply as her lover continued to fire n. to the next case file. Shy Lolita Thorgil
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